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Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission
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Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission - Home Page
Core Values
Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission is committed to a set of Core Values. This effort ensures that we leave some blue up above and some green on the ground. Adopting these important values also ensures a thriving park system for our children and grandchildren.

Community Enrichment
Enriching lives through education and programs 

Delivering fun to customers


Providing professional staff development

Exceptional Customer Service
Always focusing on you

Striving for quality throughout the park system

Ensuring safe and secure environments
Health and Wellness
Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities


Providing accessibility through affordable options and a variety of offerings 

Fostering diverse populations of vendors, employees, and customers

Preserving and conserving cultural, natural, and historical resources

Building a Legacy
Maintaining a vision for the future while sustaining a healthy park system

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